Hunting down historical lady scientists is hard, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t exist.

The Femmes of STEM podcast was created in order to combat the false narrative that women and minorities are newcomers to the world of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Women have always been a part of the past – the problem is that they have not always been a part of history.

With each episode of the podcast, we uncover the story of a new woman in the history of STEM. Joined with a new guest every week, we present not only a biography of a historical scientist, but discuss the social, cultural, a political context surrounding the scientists life and research, and compare it to our modern culture.

While the podcast has been met with wonderful reception, the amount of research undertaken has surpassed the capacity of a biweekly show, and thus what began as an audio project is now expanding into a growing website which features reference lists, biographies, open access resources, and guest posts from fellow Femmes and Friends thinking about the intersection of feminism, history, and science.