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Cleaning could be stressful, especially when it has to do with a large home or office. If you worry a lot about how to clean different areas, you fit into one who needs cleaning services.

Paying attention to details in cleaning is demanding. Therefore a lot of people need another hand to maintain cleanliness. What type of cleaning and how often might sometimes be confusing. All these questions are answered in this article.

What Type of Cleaning is Best for my House?

Cleaning involves the removal of unwanted substances. These substances include; infectious agents, specks of dirt, and more. Deep cleaning is essential because dirt goes beyond what the eyes could see.

Do you know that the kitchen sink houses more germs that even the toilet? People tend to neglect most of these areas of the house while cleaning. Some appliances like the inside of your microwave are mostly forgotten.

Do you know that about 4 billion germs might be on your kitchen’s dishcloths? You should also change your dishcloths regularly to avoid the spread germs in your house. Other often neglected parts are the doorknob, remote, keyboard, toys, etc.

A professional cleaner is the right choice when you need to deep clean. They are professionals, so they know clean places that you would typically ignore. In Ohio, Cleaning services Cincinnati offers you the deep cleaning you need.

How Often Should A House Be Deep Cleaned?

Keeping up with daily house chores is essential, but it is usually not intense. Over time, dirt and germs accumulate on some appliances and different parts of the house. Therefore, for a clean and healthy home, deep cleaning is essential.

You can do deep cleaning for your microwave, toilet, bathtubs, showers, and carpet weekly. Monthly deep cleaning can feature your refrigerator. Food spills, droplets from food wrappers, and vegetables’ rot increase the population of microorganisms in your refrigerator. When your oven starts smelling, it’s time to do a deep cleaning.

Deep clean your pillow, duvet, mattress, and blankets quarterly. We spend most of our time in bed. Sweats, dust, dead skin cells, and some microorganisms might be hanging around. An extra-large washing machine can help with your blankets and duvet.

Why Do People Need Cleaning Services?

professional cleaning service

Why do people hire a plumber for their plumbing jobs? It is because they are trained to offer such services. Let’s consider some reasons why you need cleaning services.

1. They are the Cleaning Professionals

Just as every field requires training, they are specially trained for the services they offer. Cleaning is not just about making the space look organized but also involves sanitization. With a cleaning service, you’ll be sure your environment gets the professional touch it requires.

2. They’ve got the Equipment

There are some gadgets needed for certain kinds of cleaning or type of surfaces. Cleaning companies procure these gadgets, so you don’t have to worry about getting any. They also come with their supplies.

3. They Help Save your Time

Cleaning takes time. Thorough cleaning takes more time. You can save yourself the stress and the unproductive period by getting a cleaning service. Having your staff do the cleaning is not right. They were not hired for cleaning jobs.

4. More Healthy Environment

Germs cause diseases. Thorough cleaning activities which involve proper sanitization would help keep your environment germ free. A germ-free environment helps promote sound health for the users.

5. One Less Thing to Worry About

You wouldn’t need to worry about dirt or germs but focus on the work at hand. You don’t bother about the kids picking up germs at home. The sense of security makes you enjoy the environment more.

What is Included in a Basic House Cleaning?

There are different levels to which house cleaning can be done. The level of service would basically on the need of the house owner. The house owner should know what needs to be done. The house cleaner can also explain the offered services.

Basic house cleaning involves;

  • Dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and sweeping of the different rooms.
  • Cleaning of the bathroom(s); the baths, towels, shower, and mirror
  • Cleaning the cabinets, counters, sinks, dishes and other appliances in the kitchen
  • Bed making and changing of the bed linens
  • Garbage removal and restocking toilet papers and other toiletries
  • Disinfecting appliances

Other services can be offered based on the needs of the house owner. Deep cleaning of the house is done on request and attracts extra charges. Cleaning services can also extend to the exterior part of the house on additional charges.

How Much does it Cost to have Someone Clean your House?

The cost of cleaning can be charged based on different criteria. These criteria depend on the cleaner or the cleaning company you are contracting. Charges are based on the price per room or square footage or cost for each hour.

The home size, level of cleaning required, and location are also determining factors. Most times, the quotes are given after the professional thoroughly inspect the house.

The national average house cleaning costs about $20 to $50 per hour/cleaner. Between $150 – $250 is charged for a three-bedroom apartment of 2,000 square-foot. $100 is charged for standard cleaning and $125 for deep cleaning and move out cleaning for one-bedroom and bathroom apartment. Between $150 to $175 is charged for the different levels of cleaning a medium-sized apartment.

Some cleaning companies charge based on the number of bedrooms. It is assumed that the number of bedrooms shows the number of people in the apartment. More people means more dirt and more beds to be made. For the bedroom that is not used, you can negotiate for just dusting and vacuuming.

You can reduce the cost of cleaning if you can be strategic about your cleaning. Some of theses strategy includes contracting a cleaning company for regular cleaning. This type of cleaning can attract price reduction. You can also reduce costs by buying your cleaning supplies yourself. You can also save costs by excluding services you can do yourself.


We live healthier when we live in a healthy environment. If you’ve got time to spare, you should do some regular basic cleaning. Occasionally, you would need some cleaning services for deep cleaning or moving out cleaning. Contracting a professional cleaner can be considered costly, but a healthy home is priceless.