Easy Science Experiments

Science always fascinated young and adults with its amazing possibilities. Learning science starts at a very early age which becomes the foundation of students logics and reasoning. There are plenty of science experiments to do with things available at your home. Sometimes science is all about having fun and learning the reasons behind it does not really matter at the moment. Here are five easy science experiments that you can try out at your home.

The egg drop experiment

The objective of the experiment is to drop the egg inside the glass by removing the pillar that is supporting the egg over the glass. For this, you will need an egg, a cardboard tube, a small cardboard plate, and a glass or cup filled with water.

The egg drop experiment

First, you need to place the tray centred over the glass. Then you place the cylindrical tube on top of the tray with the same centre. Now you place the egg horizontally on the tube. Once your set up is complete, you need to hit the tray hard enough for it to fly off but not so hard to hit the glass. If you do it right, the tray and tube will fly off, and the egg will fall directly into the glass.

It happens because the inertia of the tube and paper plate is comparatively lower than the glass and the egg. It is due to the lower mass of the cardboard objects while the mass of egg is more which makes it steady and gravity brings it down into the glass.

Blobs in a bottle

The objective of the experiment is to experience a blob effect inside a bottle with the help of seltzer tablets.

For this experiment, you will need a 1ltr soda bottle, ¾ cup of water, vegetable oil, fizzing tablets, and food colour.

First, you pour water into the bottle. Then, with the help of a measuring cup or funnel, pour vegetable oil into the bottle to fill it completely. Wait till the water and oil separate completely. Add ten drops of food colouring into the bottle. The drops will pass through the oil and mix with water at the bottom. Take a tablet of seltzer and drop it inside to watch the colourful blobs form and spread all-around oil. Repeat to continue the effect.

The seltzer tablets start dissolving in water to create gas, which takes some of the food colours with it. The oil slows down the passing of gas and gives a cool effect of blobs inside the bottle. Oil is less dense than water which will always keep it above water. Oil and water will never mix, which will always keep the oil float above water. You can keep the bottle with you to use it anytime you want to experience this effect.